What's The Count?

In baseball speak, we are way behind in the count against Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). The American Heart Association reports that up to 9,500 youth are affected annually. This equates to one youth, every hour, every day we lose each year. One student athlete dies every three days. We're sharing our story to help change that - we want to get ahead in the count against SCA.  

BC20 Playbook


In support of our mission to strike out Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), we've created two types of events. Our "Team Up with BC20 to Strike Out SCA!" event, includes Youth Heart Screenings by Athletic Testing Solutions, and CPR/AED training by the Olathe Fire Department. The second, our "Team Up with BC20 to Keep the CPR Beat!" event, focuses on CPR/AED training by the Olathe Fire Department. Contact us if you're interested in hosting an event. See all upcoming events here

No upcoming events.